At Scale & Shine we believe that professional and business growth starts with you and your leadership

After all, we bring so much more to work than just our professional selves.  
To make meaningful changes in our career and business trajectory, we need to look at the driving force behind our personal approach to workplace challenges. 

Our bespoke 360° approach to personal, career & leadership development and business growth means you can effectively scale up and succeed in every aspect of your life as well.

In today’s hybrid, remote or back to the office work environments, we feel more and more the urge and need to align our work and personal aspirations without sacrificing on our success or happiness.

Imagine being able to: 

🙌 Operate at your highest level to ideally combine your personal goals and career aspirations with your role requirements as well as the objectives of your company. 

🙌 Lead your team and stakeholders with impact, control and a clear vision, feeling confident about difficult conversations and challenging negotiations. 

🙌 Scale up your career, your leadership or your business without bowing to the “grind culture” - work smarter, not harder and see the positive ripple effect in other aspects of your life as well.

At Scale & Shine, we’ve created a platform for driven business professionals and leaders in fast-paced & highly dynamic tech and Saas businesses who want to scale up their careers, while maintaining balance and alignment in their business and life.

Our goal is to help companies to SCALE and leaders to SHINE - with career and leadership growth coaching, mentoring and consulting that empowers you to feel confident in every aspect no matter what company stage you are at.

What we stand for

At Scale & Shine our values underpin every aspect of how we do business. We bring our very best to every client interaction and expect our clients to do the same. 

✅ Taking a 360° view

Developing and empowering our personal mindset and resilience leads to growth in all areas of our lives, most importantly in our professional careers and business.  

✅ Positively challenging

In order to grow and reach their full potential, our clients are held accountable to step out of their comfort zone to become the professionals and leaders that they aspire to be.

✅ Making a lasting impact

We are driven by making a positive difference, providing high-quality impact and value with what we do and for our clients to do the same within their career and business. There are no quick fixes here!

The Impact of Our Work

Our client successes have shown, time and time again, that when your mindset and intentions are aligned, you’re empowered to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

Watch two of our clients explaining the impact that working with Scale & Shine has had on their career and personal satisfaction and thus a greater impact for their business as well.

Watch the testimonials →

Nina Wohlleben, People & Culture at ZF
Suzanne McVey - Director of EMEA Marketing at Globalization Partners

Meet our Founder

I’m Katrin Sturm, Founder and CEO of Scale & Shine 

With 10 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder in fast-paced multinational companies, such as Salesforce and Oracle, I’ve stood where you are right now.

I understand firsthand that a fast-moving career comes with unique challenges. 

As I’ve built Scale & Shine, I’ve had experience coaching, consulting and mentoring hundreds of professionals and businesses from all walks of life.  

But I soon realised that I was making the greatest impact in my work with high-potential and fast-pace SaaS businesses the and wider tech industries.  

Times have changed and so have business environments, career progression and the necessary leadership skills.

With the pressure to perform as an individual contributor and being in the spotlight all the time as a manager, it often feels too vulnerable to show weakness or to ask for help internally. 

Coupled with the ever-increasing responsibility for your own and your team’s work, the niggling self-doubt and all-too-common imposter syndrome can leave you feeling utterly exhausted. 


Perhaps you feel the same?

The fact is, you are by no means alone. We’ve all been in roles that require more skill and confidence than we might think we have to succeed at the time. 

I know I certainly have. 

But, my Corporate journey led me to discover one key truth - that professional and personal development are inextricably linked. 

And, it’s difficult to grow further as an ambitious leader or career-driven individual without shining the light on yourself at a certain stage. 

That truth led me to founding my own business in 2018, with a mission to positively impact our clients’ professional and personal lives through our unique 360° philosophy. 

I always knew that I wanted to utilise my corporate experience to create a business that would provide a positive impact on the world. And the fact is, I couldn’t do what I do today, without going through the challenges I have faced in my own career so far.


Emer Merriman

Emer Merriman, Sales Manager, Salesforce

Katrin has given me the confidence to find my voice within the work environment but also to know when not to speak and listen. 
The coaching sessions with Katrin have been invaluable to me when looking at my future career path.


At Scale & Shine we understand what drives you — whether that’s your ambition to make a real impact in your life, career or business, working in an environment that understands you, or simply empowering yourself to be the best possible version of yourself. 

Our programs include far more than just a traditional coaching or training approach.

Instead, we use our deep expertise and network in the high-growth SaaS and tech industry to provide practical, hands-on guidance to facilitate the greatest impact in your role and business and at the same time in your personal life.


Katrin Sturm Reading Sheconomy

More about Katrin 

Katrin Sturm is recognised as an outstanding people leader, influencer and career trailblazer within the SaaS industry. 

A native of Bavaria, Germany, Katrin holds a double degree in International Business and is a fluent German, English and French speaker. 

Katrin started her career working in Project Management for Airbus, moving into a Customer Success & Account Management role in DHL in France. 

Katrin’s Tech journey started in 2011 with a Business Development and Sales role in Oracle in Ireland - and she was hooked. 

She quickly climbed the Corporate ladder, taking on further challenging Sales and Leadership positions, before taking a leadership role at the most innovative company for Sales at the time - Salesforce - managing up to 12 direct reports. 

As Katrin moved further through the management ranks, she always had an eye on her own personal development and eventually building her own business. 

In 2018, she took her expertise in the SaaS spacetogether with her passion for empowering driven leaders and founders in the industry to succeedand founded The Best Possible You.

Rebranded to Scale & Shine in 2022, Katrin continues to build a high-performing team with the aim of helping business owners and corporate leaders to scale up with balance and alignment.

As well as her role as CEO of Scale & Shine, Katrin employs her vast knowledge of the tech industry as an Independent B2B Tech Saas scale-up advisor, startup investor and board member.

Her main expertise lies within business development & SaaS sales, based on her scale-up experience with the leading SaaS provider Salesforce (which saw annual growth of up to 40% during her 5 years of career progression there).

She relocated to France in 2022 while she continues to work with companies and clients worldwide and regularly travels to events and conferences throughout Europe.

To find out more about Katrin’s advisory services, connect with Katrin on LinkedIn or book an introduction call.

Katrin Sturm of Scale & Shine

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