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As a driven female business professional or early-stage founder, you have a strong focus on  progressing your career. 

🙌 You excel at the operational side of your role, but maybe you have some niggling doubts about your ability to go for that promotion or fulfill your true potential?

🙌 You are finding it hard to network with like minded women across departments in this industry in today’s international hybrid and remote working environment

🙌 Or, perhaps you’re simply looking to scale up your career, mindset and soft skills by learning from experienced and established professionals, experts and beyond?

When your workdays are high-speed and high-pressure, it can be tough to find the time to step back and invest in your own development that eventually serves the business as well.

Imagine How it Would Feel to...

  • Be supported by and connected with like-minded professionals from different backgrounds and departments across the globe and industry in today's hybrid and remote world
  • Work on 'yourself' and your career (and not solely the business) without overcommitting to bigger in-person courses or long lasting programmes that take up a lot of time in your diary.
  • Build a compelling personal brand, so that you can feel more credible and confident.
  • Supercharge your communication and negotiation skills, so that you can influence and lead more effectively (even when you’re not in a position of authority).
  • Work smarter, not harder to balance your work and personal life.  

Sounds ideal, right?

The only problem is, you’re busy

So, what can you do when you don’t have countless hours every week to dedicate to coaching, professional training or personal development?

Introducing Scale & Shine Collective

 Access our monthly virtual live events or any on-demand, practical e-learning sessions at a time that suits you while expanding your network and scaling your soft skills and career.

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This affordable virtual monthly subscription gives you all the inspiration, practical tools and input you need to effectively upskill and direct your own personal and career growth at your own pace with the right network.

Can't commit to a more intensive coaching or mastermind group at the moment? 

Scale & Shine Collective gives you the necessary flexibility to join us either live or catch up on demand by video or audio format on your desktop or via App and comes without any personal accountability check-ins.

As a Member of Scale & Shine Collective you get

✅ A front-row seat to our monthly virtual educational events (~30 mins) with panelists from the SaaS and Tech industry, experts talks and masterclasses by our founder Katrin Sturm

✅ Live Q&A sessions and networking opportunities (~30 mins) with the speakers, experts and Katrin.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • Effective communication & negotiation 
  • Scaling up your personal brand
  • Assertiveness and setting healthy boundaries
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Developing the Right Mindset for Success
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder

Based on your input and recommendations, we regularly cover new and relevant topics and bring in panel speakers, expert talks and more from our vast network.

✅ Gain access to the growing on-demand masterclasses and recorded events up to 6 months back as video or audio format via desktop or App (to learn on the go and at your own pace).

✅ Practical exercises, tools and journal prompts related to every monthly topic for you in order to put theory into practice

✅ Access to our exclusive Scale & Shine Collective Slack community space to learn from and network with others

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Why Scale & Shine Collective is different

Scale & Shine Collective isn’t just about teaching you the latest “theories” in career and leadership development. (You’ve probably read enough of those books and listened to those podcasts already…)

Instead, at Scale & Shine Collective we believe in equipping you with practical tools and expert speakers to facilitate personal and professional growth and giving you the opportunity to network.

We bring like-minded professionals and thought leaders together in our safe community to discuss trending topics, as well as those subjects that do not tend to be covered openly elsewhere, or within your business. 

So, you can make real progress with bite-size steps that build on each other month by month. 

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Megan Jett, Creative Director at Wolfspeed

"I feel like I am operating from a new normal now. I can really feel the difference the last months have made with all your support."

Caroline Kidd, Founder of ChangingLanes

"It's amazing how you manage to provide such practical and valuable content in these short sessions."

Who is the Scale & Shine Collective for?

Our community is perfect for you, if  

🙋🏻‍♀️ You are an ambitious female professional, who is looking to scale up their career and skills at their own pace and without any commitment to show up to any live sessions.

🙋🏼‍♀️ You are an individual contributor or manager across any department in a start-up, scale-up or corporate business in a fast-paced or male-dominated industry like SaaS or Tech. 

👩🏻‍💻 You are an aspiring or emerging founder in the SaaS or Tech space to start scaling up their personal career, leadership and business potential.

🧑🏽‍💻 You would like to network with and learn from others across departments and the industry and get new insights and inspirations.

🙎🏾‍♀️ You do not want to commit to any live sessions at this stage or be held accountable on a personal level for your progress and simply prefer to learn on the go at your own pace

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What is Your Investment?


For a limited time you have the opportunity to join Scale & Shine Collective as one of the first 25 founding members for a special rate starting at just 47 EUR per month. 

So, for less than the price of your daily coffee, you can access all the events, resources and networking you need to build a career with purpose.


Your membership package:

Founding price of €47 per month (rising to €97 per month)

✅  Free access to monthly live educational events & recordings accessible on demand 

✅  Live Q&A Sessions with our speakers, experts and founder, Katrin Sturm

✅  Networking opportunities with like-minded career driven peers in the industry across departments

✅  Access to resources, on-demand masterclasses and recorded educational events in video or audio format (of up to 6 months back) in our Scale Up Hub, accessible via desktop or App

✅  Being part of an exclusive Slack community space with other Scale & Shine Collective members

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Interested in sharing your expertise and speaking at one of our upcoming events?

We are always looking for engaging and knowledgeable speakers to participate in our Scale & Shine Collective sessions and events. If this is you, and you'd like more information, please get in touch below.

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