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Imagine the feeling of being efficient and productive, feeling a sense of accomplishment and running a business or team that aligns with your purpose or goals.

If this is something that excites you, then you are in the right place.

Whether you are an early-stage startup, scale-up or corporate, we offer high-impact coaching, mentoring and mastermind programmes to help you successfully navigate your business and leadership growth journey.




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We are your trusted sparring partner as a founder, CxO or sales leader

Our unique 360° approach puts focus on your business development and sales, your leadership skills and career ambitions.

So you can grow that business or team based on your definition of success and in alignment with your values.

We believe that grind and hustle culture no longer works in nowadays environment and it is time to get ready for the future of work that also works for you.

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We have a proven track record for mentoring, coaching and advising fast-growth global tech and SaaS businesses from start-ups to multinationals, helping them to scale up high-achieving leaders and teams especially in quota-carrying and revenue related roles like Sales, Business Development, Solution Engineering or Marketing, HR and beyond.

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Christophe Zhu, Co-Founder & Managing Director Ready2Order
Katrin is an incredibly thoughtful motivator bringing all her experience to the table. She manages to bring out the best in you with her sophisticated approach and puts you one step ahead of the rest. I can honestly say that we are genuinely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and benefit from her guidance, which has put us on a growth path to reaching new heights. I cannot recommend Katrin enough."

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What's Holding You Back Right Now?

Does this sound familiar?

🤫I have many different hats to wear as a founder and don't know how to juggle it all while having to be a salesperson as well

🙅🏻‍♀️ “When it comes to growing my team or business, I have to figure this out by myself first before getting support onboard…”

🙋🏻‍♀️ “It is more important to get some work done instead of putting some time aside to work on the business to accelerate this growth journey.”

When you are a founder, CxO or sales leader, it’s not always easy to navigate your days without pressure, uncertainty or uncomfortableness.

It can often feel lonely when being confronted with all those decisions to take and challenges to face.

A fact that our founder Katrin can really relate to as she has been in your shoes before when successfully climbing the corporate leader for almost 10 years and starting her own business in 2018.

We know that those internal struggles of doubting yourself can be real. You might hold yourself back, procrastinate or have the feeling that you are not fully reaching your potential at the moment.

The fact is, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable and to feel pushed beyond your comfort zone when leading people and growing a business.

And maybe there is some proven best practices or other ways to do things that you haven't considered? 

In the end, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

And what got you here, might not get you there in the end.

That's why the right sparring partner and sounding board can be crucial for your success.

You are not alone. 

At Scale & Shine, we use our extensive experience in the high-growth SaaS and tech industries and as a founder to support and connect driven leaders with a growth mindset like yourself.

Our mission is to help you level up your game without the grind and pressure traditionally associated with high-growth industries. 

We show how to lead and perform in an impact and value-driven way, so that you, your teams, and the business can shine.  

When you work with us you won’t find judgement or performance pressure - just practical, hands-on guidance and training that empowers you to exceed the professional goals you have worked towards or dreamed of in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

That’s why we’re not a classical coaching, consulting or online training company. 

We don’t simply ask questions - instead, we use our industry and cultural knowledge, vast network and experience to provide educational guidance tied to your role and/ or your business - with tangible feedback on your approach and progress. 

So, our training, education and mastermind programmes are often covered by your internal training budget, Employee Assistance Plans, or Education Reimbursement Programmes and are considered as business expenses.

I want to explore a potential collaboration

I’m Katrin - a former successful tech sales leader turned growth mentor, startup investor and entrepreneur as the award-winning Founder and CEO of Scale & Shine

My mission is to help you be at your best so that your business can scale and you as a leader can shine.

Having stood in your shoes, I understand the unique challenges of building a successful career, team and business in dynamic, high-pressure environments and uncertain times.

That’s why we have developed our bespoke and practical approach that we constantly adapt with our customer's needs, feedback and market environments in mind.

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For Established Leaders

SaaS Sales Leadership Circle


As an experienced leader or executive, you pour so much into the operational aspect of your role — chasing goals and meeting budgets.

But, what about you and your leadership assets? 

Investing in yourself as a leader is the best and most rewarding gift that you can give yourself and the business. 

The Revenue Leadership Circle is a transformational peer-to-peer mastermind programme with no pressure to “perform” in a non-judgemental environment.

You will be equipped with practical best practices, peer-to-peer advice from successful and like-minded leaders and businesses in the tech scene and held accountable for your goals in a structured and confidential environment.

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For High-Potential and Fast-Growing Tech Companies

From Founder-led sales to growing in your Cxo scale-up shoes

We believe that companies can scale better when they shine a light on the growth, performance and satisfaction of their people in mind.

Supporting you from your founder-led sales journey, to developing your revenue leadership skills and up to your scale-up CEO and CxO challenges.

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