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We help your business develop high-performing leaders, executives, employees and female talent.

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At Scale & Shine we believe that high-growth companies thrive when they invest in the performance of their leaders, executives, employees and female talent. 

Our mission is to provide your leaders and ambitious women with the guidance and tools they need to succeed so that you can foster a high-performance culture in SaaS and Tech. 

Our unique 360° approach to leadership and career development starts with empowering your people to give them the confidence they need to operate at their highest level in such a fast-pace and male-dominated industry.

The result?

Improved performance, higher productivity and optimal employee wellness — resulting in superior retention, business growth and a healthy gender balance.

Who We Work With

We have typically collaborated with high-growth and dynamic companies in the SaaS and tech sectors.  

Our clients tend to be modern, highly-dynamic businesses that understand the benefit of investing in the development of their leaders and female talent, employee well-being and productivity. 

Not all of them are big logos with big budgets, but they usually have big plans and limited internal resources.

They see the benefit in outsourcing (parts of their) leadership development and female empowerment and might be too lean or small still to start their own Women ERG (Employee Resource Group) or facilitate internal training programmes. 

Does this sound like you?

Partner with us to Attract, Develop and Retain your Leaders and Female Talent

Champion Your Aspiring & Developing Female Leaders

Give your high potential leaders the best possible chance of success by sponsoring their participation in our high-profile Leadership Circle or sponsor community seats in our Scale & Shine Collective.

Scale & Shine Collective

Sponsor community seats in our Scale & Shine Collective for your female employees or boost your employer branding on a company level by becoming an official sponsor.

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Book Katrin as a Speaker for Your [email protected] ERG Group, Company Event or Conference 

Katrin is a confident, knowledgeable and interactive speaker that builds on her 10 years of corporate experience as a female leader in the SaaS & Tech industry.

She has spoken at several company events and conferences and delivered interactive workshops covering topics such as 

  • Effective Communication & Negotiations without Feeling like an Imposter

  • Developing the Right Mindset for Success

  •  Leading with more impact and confidence

 For more information on Katrin’s background and qualifications, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

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Explore Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Attracting and retaining the right talent nowadays is as challenging as ever.

Developing your leaders can have a major influence and wider impact on this.

We can support you with leadership training and development programmes.

Let's explore together

Keara Masterson, Leader of [email protected] Resource & Inclusion Group

Katrin shared so many insightful ideas and methods at our workshop about 'Developing the Right Mindset for Success' webinar. The activities were really helpful and I got a lot out of her talk.

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If you need more information about Scale & Shine, or to explore if it would be suitable for your circumstances then please email Laura at [email protected]

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