Why Energy Management is the new Time Management

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energy management

Energy is your most precious resource, not (just) time.

In order to be fully engaged and achieve high performance, especially as a business owner, entrepreneur or leader, there are four suggested principles based on the book "The Power of Full Engagement" by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

Below is a simple and practical summary of how we can increase and balance our energy as the new 'time management tool' to become more productive and efficient.

This will help you to work smarter, not harder and get more done in less time while also reducing the chances of burn out.


1. We can draw on four separate, but related, sources of energy: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In the graphic below (©️ John Nieuwenburg) you can see the dynamics of energy (high vs low energy levels) and the type of energy (negative vs positive). Understanding these dynamics can lead you to higher productivity and improve your personal wellbeing.


2. We must balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal.

Much like in preparing for a race, there's a fine balance between over-training and under-training because both can result in injury. Similarly, we must train and balance our minds to create a good mindset for personal growth as energy diminishes over time.


We must learn to live our professional and private lifes as a sequence of sprints, not a marathon.

Recovery is essential, but not often seen or regarded as such.

Too much energy expenditure without sufficient recovery eventually leads to burnout and breakdown.


3. We must push beyond our normal limits like elite athletes.

As leaders we are "corporate athletes." Athletes train 90% of the time in order to perform 10% of the time.

It comes down to your energy mindset. We need to start re-thinking how we excel as leaders. Leaders are the stewards of organisational energy in companies, organisations and even in families.

They inspire or demoralise others first by how effectively they manage their own energy, and next by how well they mobilise, focus, invest and renew the collective energy of those they lead.


4. Create positive energy rituals by setting specific goals and routines for managing your energy

It's not only about time management, but mainly energy management to reach your full potential and create a mindset for success.

In order to focus on the right things and keep the right balance, specific self-care and wellness actions as well as productivity rewards and breaks should be included in your daily planning and schedule - apart from our never-ending to do list.


Our Daily Focus Sheet can help you to do so. In order to identify and hold you accountable for your goals and actions, a coach or mastermind peer-to-peer group can support you on this rewarding journey.


All in all, the above four principles are part of what we can do to achieve sustained high performance as a business owner, executive or entrepreneur while keeping your wellbeing in mind and become more successful.


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