Tips and tools on how to embrace uncertainty

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Embracing Uncertainty

Updated February 28th, 2022

In times of a global pandemic, we are faced with sometimes extreme uncertainty. Here a few thoughts from my side and a few tips and tools based on the book "Embracing Uncertainty" by Susan Jeffers to help you through the current time and beyond.

It is all about making a choice to live with a sense of peace and possibility instead of worrying about the future.

We can all replace the fear of the uncertain by curiosity and start wondering instead of hoping. Susan explains the powerful tool of intuition in order to make the uncertain more manageable and more rewarding. Let's look at the things we can control.

Self-management in general plays a big part throughout her book as she states that attitude is the only one thing that cannot be taken away from a human being – even after taking away their freedom like in prison.

It is the way we look at things that makes the difference by choosing an attitude of victory. Everything that happens to us is a way of learning. As only when we learn, we grow – and when we grow, we begin to change. 


Strong belief systems create boundaries in our thinking and own capacity to discover new things. We tend to continually defend something and need to be right. Letting go of the attachment to that way of thinking will allow us to become the best we can.
In her “setting the mind” exercise she points out how crucial mindfulness is in a busy and dynamic world.
It is very important to be a “nowist” instead of worrying about the future. We need to learn to live the moment again as some already believe that “work is easier than life” and they forget how to enjoy. Many of us are forced to slow down at the moment and to simply enjoy the little things in life again.
It is important to set healthy boundaries and learn to say no instead of blaming, arguing and lamenting - also once we come out of this global health crisis.
This is what I help many clients with - becoming the author of their own story than simply being a victim of things.
We are all responsible for ourselves and have to take accountability for our actions. Often things upset us for different reasons and we are being negative about it.
We can virtually cut the cord to the expectations behind something. This is especially powerful for things out of our control in order to let go of it.
The less expectations you have, the fewer sources for disappointment there are. 

Susan's “blending the energy” exercise in her book also helps to deal with situations when people are pushing our buttons by showing neutral interest in what the other person has to say. By controlling our emotions we do not close our aura with negative energy that we usually allow in such moments.
In today’s life we always want more and more and we are never satisfied and appreciate what we have.
An exercise she mentions that I often use with coaching clients as well is to bank your success by filling a jar with “I have had this...” notes in order to focus on the good and not the bad or simply 'journal' them down. 

Media also plays a key role in confronting us with bad news all over the world on a daily basis- especially in times of a global pandemic. In the end it is up to you what you focus on and what kind of information and people we allow to enter our life.
There is something inside of you – your Higher Self – that is always there to handle elegantly, beautifully, intelligently, powerfully and lovingly anything and everything that can ever happen to you.
Susan elaborates that we must all learn how to “self-help ourselves” in order to find the best of who we are. And I couldn't agree more with her!
Easier said than done? A coach can help you through difficult times and also guide you on this exciting and rewarding journey to yourself and living a bigger life. 


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